Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 1 term 2

What a great week the 'hub 34' (room 3 & 4) has had!
A special welcome to Nevaeh Iosefo from St Joseph's School in Auckland.

We ventured into our new literacy environment from 10.00 to 12.30 Monday to Thursday - reading, writing, phonics, handwriting, oral language - all connected to the 6 learning areas chosen by the students and which Mrs Clark & Mrs Currie set up the learning for: Human body, Animals, Fairytales, Buildings, Space and Sport!

  Here is an example of one group on one day:

Wonders of the World Megastructures
Pg 4 - 11
What is a megastructure?
Can you think of an example before we begin the book?
What does ancient mean?
Why is the Great Pyramid so important?
How many people did it take to build it?
Why don’t we know how the pyramids were built?
Where is Egypt?
When students read unknown words allow them to decode using their choice of strategy. Model and together use the robot or phoneme fingers.
Write a report comparing ancient megastructures to modern mega structures.
Teach the students the structure of a report.
Model a report in the modelling book, encourage the students to contribute ideas.
Guided Writing - Students plan their report and use the facts from the story. They begin with their introduction.
Independent Literacy - Students complete their first paragraph and chose a megastructure to research more and create mini-poster on.
Handwriting based on students needs from observations of students writing.
- Lesson Sequence can change and content may vary depending on students interests.

The week was a great success! Here are some of the things the students said about it:                              Positives:            
  • Read Theory
  • Silent Reading
  • Teachers are lots of fun
  • Listening Post
  • Learning new words
  • Learning about around the world
  • We get choices
  • Writing different styles
  • Doing fairy tale stories
  • Reading Challenge was fun
  • Doing it all together
  • Learning new things
  • Learning about space
  • Reading with the teachers
  • Reading animal stories
  • Reading the books
  • Writing with detail

  • More 'must do's'
  • Passion project (in pairs) - when my friend is at the teacher at the opposite time
  • Longer
  • More time
On Monday we were treated to the New Zealand Playhouse (thank you Miss Duncan for organising this).

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