Saturday, 30 July 2016

Welcome back!

We have had a very busy first week back - it is lovely to see Room 3 refreshed and very enthusiastic for the new term ahead.  Welcome back!

Our new change in times for writing and reading collaboration with Room 4 began very successfully on Monday and Miss Peat and I were thrilled to see all students participating so positively.  We have made two types of milkshakes for procedural writing this week (connected to our science kitchen chemistry topic) and the students really enjoyed Miss Peat's writing challenge for the week - watching Mr Bean's very funny u tube clip of how to make a sandwich and writing it up as a procedure.  Watch out for the writing challenge in week 2!

You may have heard already about the excitement of your children having a Sacred Heart 'credit card'!  This is connected to our maths measurement unit and our kitchen chemistry science topic. Each student has a 'credit card' on which they can earn 'dollars' for.  Each week they hand in ('bank') the money they have earned for the week for such things as helping others, working well in groups, positive attitudes, participating and contributing in class and showing the Sacred Heart Way.  At the end of the term all students get to use their 'credit card' to buy things at our Food Festival which will be the celebration for our kitchen chemistry science topic.  A huge thank you must be given to Miss Stamper in Room 7 who has organised these 'credit cards' and 'money' for the middle/senior syndicate.  She even created a Filipino dollar ('Peso') for us.  Thank you Miss Stamper!

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  1. Cool lots of science experiments. I love the credit card system