Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Scott Tulloch ... author

Today at our Duffy Assembly we were very lucky to have the New Zealand author and illustrator, Scott Tulloch, share his love of writing with us and present our Duffy books. We recognised some of his books from our library shelves, such as 'The Silly Goat Gruff' and 'Tom & the Dragon'. Scott told us how the Asterix series of comic books which he read as a young boy, inspired him to be an author and illustrator. 

Scott was born and raised in Wellington. He is presently living in Queenstown. He talked to us about the steps he uses to write and illustrate a book: An idea, A story, Main character(s), A book layout plan, Final art, Cover, Scanning design work, Printing. He used his book 'I Am Not A Worm!' to outline this process of writing. He told us the importance of re-reading our writing over and over again, making changes to it and re-crafting it until it is better and better. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Scott's presentation and feel privileged to have met him.

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